Bespoke Beauty

Bespoke Beauty
March 6, 2011 mb0606

Customizing cosmetics to make them safer and more specialized to your own skin’s sensitivity is something even major companies are looking at as the public’s awareness picks up. Here are some of my favorite bespoke beauty brands.

Persephenie Body Care is only one of several companies focusing on teaching about wholesome cosmetic and skin care options. Classes can be taken to learn about blending oils and natural scents together to create unique, non-toxic, aromatic perfumes. The full line of all natural body and bath products includes smoothing creams, bath powders, and elegant oils.

Want a custom scent all your own? Persephonie can create a fragrance just for you, with a breakdown of the all natural ingredients and special packaging that lets you share with your friends. If you are in Los Angeles, you can’t pass up the chance to meet with the artistic perfumer and aromatherapist!

Other companies are also starting to offer customizable skin care and bespoke cosmetics options, notably:

Loula Natural – a holistic company focusing on whole body health through all natural, ethically sourced ingredients in skin care and proper nutrition

Premchit – a London based ‘aromatic alchemist’ specializing in scents, skin care, shaving and cosmetics created for clients out of only the safest, most natural ingredients

Victoria Regia – another company from the UK offering bespoke blends and vegan alternatives to toxic commercial soaps and shampoos

Aromantic – this company sells all natural ingredients as well as e-books on how to create your own bespoke body care and cosmetic products – if you make it yourself, you know exactly what you’re putting on your body!

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