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  • I was Shocked To Find Out These Ingredients Are Not Vegan

    I Was Shocked To Find Out These Ingredients May Not Be Vegan

    You will be too.

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  • gluten free popular natural drugstore brands

    4 Popular Natural Drugstore Brands You Never Knew Were Gluten Free

    It’s a thing!

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  • Road trip, weekender. green beauty, organic, natural, travel essentials

    The Weekender

    When I don't have the time for a real vacation I take weekenders or extended weekenders if I can. Palm…

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  • natural, organic hair products for curly hair, hair texturizer gel whip, green beauty

    3 Hair Products To Help You Rock Your Curls!

    I've been noticing a lot more black women rocking a natural. The runways too were all about texture and not…

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  • The Hottest Hair Trends Now

    Nothing feels better than a good hair day! It's time to spice up your locks with the seasons hottest trends!…

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  • Cosmetic Chemistry 101: Synthetic Colors

    What: Synthetic Colors also known as coal tar dyes, synthetic dyes and artificial colors. FD&C refers to food, drugs and…

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  • Hairstyles for Her

    Springtime is here, and with it comes the almost irresistible urge to update your do. So what's in and what's…

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  • The Healthy Choice for Your Hair

    Shampoos and conditioners are some of the worst culprits when it comes to unhealthy ingredients - so it's time to…

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  • Be an Eco-Chic Hair Diva

    Is your hair damaged by severe abuse due to heavy styling? Or maybe you're a runway model whose hair has…

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  • Bring Out The Natural Beauty in Your Hair

    Commercial shampoos and conditioners have so many ingredients. The label can read a mile long, and 90% of it is…

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