Men’s Grooming

Green Grooming For Fathers Day

Tired of giving dad a tie for Father's Day? Indulge him with natural and organic grooming products. He may not be a tree hugger but he will appreciate the sentiment. Read more: The Gentlemens Refinery Standard Shave With the return of the barbershop "The Standard" shave system is the perfect gift.

Cosmetic Chemistry 101:  Diethanolamine (DEA)

What: Diethanolamine (DEA) Where: Found largely in shampoos, lotions and creams as well as other cosmetics. Why: The Cancer Coalition states DEA by itself is not harmful but while sitting on the stores shelves or in your cabinet at home, DEA can react with other ingredients in the cosmetic formula to form an extremely potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA).

Lips of Love

Tones of Crimson and burgundy are the quintessential lip color of passion. Red lipsticks are associated with seduction. They're a bit naughty. Sex symbols Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor both wore red lips with unabashed confidence. It supposed to catch a mans attention like no other lip color.

Soft, Sexy Kissable Lips

The week between Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to prep your pretty pout for all the kissing you'll be doing at midnight on New Year Eve. Exfoliating and caring for your lips can take you from a Yuck Mouth to a Yes Mouth! Here are five easy steps you can do the morning before the party or all week long to get you pucker perfect.