Skin Care

Spring Detox

With Summer around the corner Spring is all about detoxing. You want look radiant and feel energized. You don't have to go to a spa to get a detox treatment. You can do them at home with foods from your kitchen. Here are 5 Foods That Detoxify Your Skin. I have included 3 DIY recipes that incorporates these ingredients for a full body detox.

5 Seasonal Beauty Fruits For Spring & Summer

Buying fruits and vegetables in season is the best way to ensure delicious and healthy produce. Eating them is one way to get their benefits but you can also make some simple yummy DIY skin care recipes for glowing skin. A bonus: DYI's are a great way to use produce that will be going bad before you can eat them. Here are 5 fruits that are in season this Spring and summer.

Stacey Stilts, Founder of Green Line Beauty Gives Us Her Summer Beauty Picks!

Are you looking for beauty products to keep you looking gorgeous this summer? You'll want to lighten and brighten up by the pool--with out all those petrochemicals. On my Sexy & Civilized podcast I spoke to Stacey Stilts, Founder of Green Line Beauty. She gave us her favorite green beauty product picks to give you a head-to-toe glow and get you poolside ready.

Bergen Winter

Recently, I had an opportunity to tour Norway. Specifically, Oslo and Bergen. I took this photo in Bergen where I visited a salmon farm. This is my favorite photo from my trip. I love the colors of the buildings in barn red, butter yellow and a pop of cobalt blue on the door.