The Art of Eco Seduction

Celebrate the art of eco seduction this Valentine's Day. Create romance with sustainable linen, lingerie and personal products. He won't know the difference. Super sweet 1940s inspired lingerie. Their undies and undie sets are designed, dyed and sewn by hand in the sweet Midwest from machine-processed bamboo and organic cotton blends.

Launder Your Lingerie – Intelligently!

Your underthings are the closest garments to your skin, and carefully cover your most sensitive spots. Don't you want to be sure that they don't have any nasty chemical residue that could irritate or cause a rash? Commercial detergents (even the so called 'gentle' ones) contain a laundry list of bad ingredients that can remain behind in your clothing and affect your health.

Making Valentine’s Day Sexy and Civilized

The big day is here - what are your plans? Do you have a sweetheart, a lover or a spouse with big plans to wine you and dine you before taking you home to a rose petal strewn bed? Here's a few tips to keep your hearts and candy day green and refreshing!

Show off Your Moves – With Blue Canoe Bamboo Panties!

Ever crank up the stereo and jam out in your undies like curvy Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy? (WHAT? You haven't seen the famous underwear dance? Check it out here - actress Sara Ramirez knows her moves. Move over, Tom Cruise!) For truly effective underwear dancing, you need flexibility, comfort and the ability to wick away moisture in case you're shaking to the beat in a hot, underventilated hospital basement.