Runway Report

Complete Your Fall Look With The Sexiest Nails Of The Season

No outfit is complete without perfectly polished nails. Give your claws a trendy new look by applying this season’s top runway looks to your everyday fashion. You can go bold or you can go neutral but don’t you dare let them go naked!

Fresh Fall Makeup

Reporting back to you from several intense runway shows, I bring you the hottest trends of the season. Using my keen sense of style, I spotted out three of the freshest looks. I covered the basics, eyes, lips and eyebrows. These three key looks will keep you beautiful this fall.

The Most Gorgeous Fall Bags

Confession. I love handbags. I mean, like, REALLY love handbags. I have way too many, but I don’t let a silly thing like that stop me from picking up more when I find ‘just the right one for that outfit’! (I was definitely born in the wrong century – whatever happened to having matching shoes, gloves and a purse for every outfit?

Schmidttakahashi Fall/Winter 2011-2012 on Berlin Fashion Week

Embellished bibbed shirts, skirts and dresses with tails and knit capes are the result of Schmidttakahashi Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection. You would never guess they started as an entirely different garment. Their Clothes-Collecting-Campaign collects used clothes and turns them into couture one of a kind pieces. Each contributor receives an identification number when he or she mades a donation. These numbers were designed to help the participants track their personal clothes afterwards. The concept is genius. The hand-me-downs have never been so chic.