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Paige’s Polyvore and Prose May 2012

May is all about Mother's Day. It's the day we take her out to lunch, pamper her with spa treatments and give her gifts. Last year I was fortunate enough to have my mother visiting me in Los Angeles on Mother's Day. We spent they day at the race track brunching, sipping champagne and betting on the ponies.

Cosmetic Chemistry 101: Hydroquinone

What: HYDROQUINONE Antioxidant, fragrance ingredient, skin bleaching agent, hair colorant. Where: Skin care, anti-aging, sunscreen and hair color. Banned in Canada and the EU and rates a 10 in toxicity in the EWG's Skin Deep database. Why: Immune system and respiratory toxicant; probable neurotoxin; possible carcinogen; irritant; animal studies show endocrine disruption.

Paige’s Polyvore & Prose

To celebrate Earth Month, which takes place in April I decided to take fewer baths. It may sound absurd, but taking a bath is my guilty pleasure. I'm ashamed to admit it but I have been known to take up to three a day. The problem is they use more water than showers.

Paige’s Prose and Polyvore

March is the September of Spring when all the magazines are fat with advertisements and fashion layouts. I find inspiration it their pages. Beauty trends parallel fashion trends. So while you will see the washes of denim lightening up you'll also see the washes of eye shadow lighten up. You will see pink shirts and pink lipstick.