Go Coconut Clean with Tropical Traditions

Go Coconut Clean with Tropical Traditions
May 13, 2010 mb0606

Tropical Traditions Liquid SoapI’m a big fan of Tropical Traditions Green Label Virgin Coconut Oil! You probably already know I use coconut oil for just about all my beauty needs. Their certified organic fresh coconuts are cold-pressed immediately after harvested with no further refining. It’s really the best oil you can buy – and imagine my delight to discover the entire line of other coconut based products!

The beach lover in me loves Tropical Traditions Organic Liquid Soaps.   Like all soaps (natural or not), the most important part is the base ingredient.  Naturally,Tropical Traditions uses their own Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil as a base and blend in two different organic essential oils, Lavender or Tea TreeUnscented is also available.

Most 100% coconut oil soaps on the market today are highly refined and may contain chemicals used during the refining process, plus added ingredients that make them a thicker consistency.  Not Tropical Traditions!  Their Organic Liquid Soaps are 100% organic virgin coconut oil with no fillers and huge antioxidant content. Plus, they include a special pump dispenser to add air to the soap for a richer lather.

Tropical Traditions is offering on-line discounts right now and always feature a “Healthy Buyer’s Club” for budget minded eco-babes who want to buy in bulk for even more discounts.  Customers can even choose several different products and create an attractively wrapped “package.”  (This makes a great gift idea too!)

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