Primavera Pomegranate Rose Capsules – Green Chemistry

Primavera Pomegranate Rose Capsules – Green Chemistry
November 2, 2010 mb0606

We all know about the millions of products that exist to nourish our skin from the outside – smoothing creams, exfoliants, tightening serums and facial masques – but shouldn’t there be a scientifically balanced supplement that would encourage healthy skin growth and a smooth, silky, blemish free appearance?

Primavera Skincare thinks so. This UK company has worked for 20 years to develop their idea of ‘green chemistry’, and has paved the way for synthetic free, certified organic skincare products. I love their environmental message they send, detailing their commitment to preserving resources and eliminating pollution: “At Primavera we are passionate about the environment we live in and seek to minimise the use of packaging wherever possible. We recycle the warm air from our plant room to heat our warehouse and have installed energy efficient movement detected lighting throughout our facility. We recycle all our glass, plastic and cardboard.”

Best of all, they’ve actually managed to come up with a capsule style supplement to rejuvenate your skin! The summer sun takes a toll – and Primavera Revitalizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules with Rose and Pomegranate are designed to absorb quickly and deeply into your skin, creating a barrier against toxins that float in the city smog, and revitalizing your skin from beneath the surface!

Why a capsule if you aren’t going to swallow it? The anti-aging ingredients in the seed oil capsules are activated by exposure to the air – meaning that as long as they are in the capsule, they stay fresh and ready to use. Simply twist off the top of the capsule, squeeze the seed oil gently onto your face , dotting carefully to cover your cheeks, chin and forehead, then use your fingertips to massage it evenly over your entire face.

The NaTrue 70% Certified Organic formula is a terrific hydration source, restoring radiance to sun damaged skin. Organic rose essential oil promotes cell renewal, while the antioxidants found in the organic pomegranate seed oil fight free radical damage. Organic sallow thorn and rose hip seed oils help smooth your complexion, making your face look young and fresh.

I like using this instead of a heavy night cream. The seed oil absorbs fast, and leaves my facial skin supple and clean feeling – with winter coming on, I know it will help me avoid that dry, flaky look! I’ll have to try the other Revitalizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules from Primavera as well – the Cassis seed and Neroli  with rose hip and borage seed oil sounds like the perfect combination the backs of my hands to – I’m thinking chapped knuckles from the winter cold may be a thing of the past!

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