Rad Gifts For Teens

Rad Gifts For Teens
December 14, 2011 mb0606

Butter London Nail Skins

Nail skins are the hottest nail trend, ridiculously easy to apply and don’t need to dry. Genius.












Vintage Garden Prints

Beautiful decorative illustrations. Handmade seed papers made from 100% natural, biodegradable and recycled fibers, seeds and plant material. Printed with vegetable and soy inks.












Korres Lip Butter Blockbuster

A limited edition collection that offers Lips Butters for deep hydration and sheer pop of color. Lip Glazes provide a high gloss finish.












Terra Firma 6 Piece Eye Candy Set

The girliest gift ever. Five delicious colors of eye shadow and one wand to apply them with in an adorable box.












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