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Skin Care – Solved!

Skin Care – Solved!
May 3, 2011 mb0606

As our bodies age, our skin changes. We start out with the soft, smooth baby skin we wish we could hang onto forever – but as we get older we run the gamut from oily to dry and everything in between. Here’s some products to help you keep your skin looking great – at any age!













All teenagers know what acne is. So many girls try to cover it with heavy makeup containing toxic ingredients – but this isn’t the answer! Instead use Good for You Girls’ Blemish Trio. The exfoliating wash, purifying toner and shine free moisturizer harness the all natural botanical power of Willow Herb and Meadowsweet Extracts to clean and hydrate. Once your skin is clear and clean, you can follow up with light makeup from green, non-toxic collections to look fabulous!













The years from twenty to twenty-nine are great! Our skin is probably at its healthiest naturally… but wind, sun and the changes between indoor and outdoor environments can cause a combination of problems. Certain parts of our face may seem oily, while others are dry and flaky! Melvita’s Re-Balancing Care Oil is perfect – it combines five purifying and invigorating essential oils (Cistus, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Palmarosa and Benzoin) with three skin-caring oils (Apricot Kernel, Nigella and Tamanu) in a light facial treatment that treats dry and oily skin alike. This can keep your face looking youthful as you hit your thirties – Marion Cotillard, who starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the recent thriller Inception, loves Melvita and definitely doesn’t look her age!













Our thirties start to bring wrinkles to our face – even if we can’t quite see them yet. Get a head start on reversing the effects of aging with Derma e’s Vitamin A enriched line – which includes the incredible rejuvenating Vitamin A With E Wrinkle Treatment in a soothing Safflower base that is paraben and fragrance free. (I love Derma e products, but a few do have fragrance – however, the company makes it easy for customers to avoid these by providing a PDF of all their fragrance free products so you can choose from that list!)













As you reach your forties, skin toning, hydration and nourishment become key! Juara’s Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner hits all three factors, with Tamarind Seed, Green, White and Black Tea and Rice Bran and Honey Extracts to increase the elasticity of your skin and give it a fresh, youthful glow. As with many other companies, Juara does have some products that contain parfum, but each item has a tab for an ingredients list, making it easy to avoid fragrance.

Skin care isn’t just Oil of Olay face cream for your grandmother, and it doesn’t consist of slapping on sunscreen at the beach (although that is a must). Nicole Kidman doesn’t still have flawless skin without a daily skin care regimen – you can count on it! Women who start taking care of their skin while they are still young keep their youthful looks longer, so grab the product that fits your age group and get started today.

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