Vegan and Gluten Free

Vegan Cosmetics

The term “vegan” is not regulated. It usually refers to products that do not contain any animal products and they are “Cruelty Free”. However, cruelty free cosmetics are not the same as vegan. Cruelty free means that the products are not tested on animals but does not mean that they are free from animal products. In addition, not all vegan products are organic or natural so one cannot assume. You need to look for both specifications on the label or packaging. Here are some non-vegan ingredients to watch out for.

pearl powder

Hyaluronic acid

Silk derivitives
Whey/milk products

Companies that have vegan products


100% Pure

They claim to be vegan and state “We love animals and refuse to support anything that hurts animals which is why none of our formulas are ever tested on animals (everything we use is food grade and does not require testing, whereas chemical ingredients must be tested). All our makeup brushes are from synthetic fibers. No animals were hurt for their fur and no animals were hurt for any of our ingredients (the only animal ingredient we use is cruelty free honey).”


Afterglow Cosmetics

The majority of their products are vegan. They only animal bi-product in their formulas is organic beeswax found in their lipsticks, pencils liners and mascara.


Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

Her entire line of products is vegan.


Beauty Without Cruelty

Their mission is to have ethical, cruelty-free products. Their color cosmetics are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.


Christopher Drummond Beauty

His line of makeup is made with vegan-approved formulas that are cruelty-free. His brushes are also vegan.


Ecco Bella

All their products are vegan. Ecco Bella provides cruelty-free organic cosmetics and natural skin care products to help conserve the planet and protect its animals.



Emani strongly believes in beauty without cruelty. They do not use any animal derived ingredients in any of our cosmetic products. All of Emani makeup brushes are entirely free of animal hairs and they never tests on animals. Emani is Peta-Certified.


Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale has some vegan products and provides a list of products on her website that contains carmine, beeswax, royal jelly and lanolin-based ingredients.


RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty has some vegan products, but not all their products are vegan. The website says they use beeswax in some of their formulas.


Zuzu Luxe

All Zuzu Luxe products are vegan and gluten free.


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Gluten Free Cosmetics

If you have Celiac Disease, gluten free cosmetics are a must, especially in the case of lipstick and similar products. Luckily, many cosmetic companies are becoming hip to this and are eliminating gluten from their products. Some are labeling, others are providing lists of gluten free products and many are excluding it from all their products. BTW, not even vitamin E is gluten free anytime it’s derived from a wheat source. Here are some companies that have gluten free products.


100% Pure

Most of their products are gluten free. One common ingredient that contains gluten is Vitamin E. But the Vitamin E they use is gluten free because it’s derived from cold pressing rice bran.


Afterglow Cosmetics

This is a 100% gluten free cosmetic company. A woman whose family struggles with gluten intolerance started the company. She is dedicated to maintaining a completely gluten free line.


Burt’s Bees

Not everything they offer is not gluten free. However, a lot of it is and they have a labeling format in place.  Any ingredient could possibly contain or be contaminated by gluten is clearly labeled with the source (like “wheat” or “oats”).


Christine Marie Cosmetics 

This is a “gluten free, allergen free, nut free and cruelty free”.  This company is dedicated to remaining allergy free and suggests emailing them with any allergy concerns.



Ecco Bella creates beauty products which are natural and free from synthetic, unnatural additives and in addition to being gluten-free cosmetics, the all-natural beauty products are organic and cruelty free products.



They claim to be gluten friendly stating “Gluten is a special type of protein that is commonly found in rye, wheat, and barley. In the last 5 years, gluten free products demand grew over 50%. Signs of gluten sensitivity includes: rash, fatigue, depression, endometriosis, and reflux.”


Gabriel Organics Skin Care

Gabriel Organics uses 100% natural ingredients – plant oils, extracts from the sea, botanicals and never any harsh ingredients, or artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors.  Their products are non-allergenic, fragrance-free, gluten free & vegan.


HUGO Naturals

HUGO Naturals products are never tested on animals, are gluten free and made from sustainable sources that are pure and natural. They are also free of petrochemicals, animal fats, paragons, silicones, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, phthalates, propylene glycol, and synthetic surfactants. 


Jane Iredale 

Most of Jane Iredale’s products are gluten free. However, their website does not contain a list of gluten free products so you will have to check the ingredients of each product. They do have a list of products that are not vegan.


Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty products are 100% gluten free. The one product that has gluten free oats is the Hydrating Mist but it comes from a gluten free source.



All Lavera and LAVERÉ products are 100% free of gliadin and are safe for customers with Celiac disease and wheat allergies. While a few products do contain wheat germ, it has been specially treated (denatured) to remove gliadin, and is completely safe. In essence, by removing gliadin, wheat germ can be considered “gluten-free.”


Peacekeeper Cause-metics

This company has a line of gluten free lip and nail products. Many products are also vegan. Here is a list of ingredients and omitted ingredient’s. 



Their products are formulated gluten-free, and now they are calling it out on their packaging. (seed) is a line of all natural body care developed for people seeking new, high performance body care options for Health Related reasons – including allergies.


Zuzu Luxe

The all-natural ingredients will help keep your skin free from breakouts. All products are gluten Free & Vegan.