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Americana Glam

Americana Glam
July 24, 2011 mb0606

You know what they say – as American as apple pie, as lemonade, baseball, and the Fourth of July! This month, celebrate the All American Way by paying homage to that most American of females – the pin-up girl. Before Twiggy and Barbie, the ideal female figure had curves. These lovely ladies wore swimsuits with frills instead of G-strings, and cherished their Americana way of life.












Tanning is so yesterday, melanoma aside – but a sunkissed complexion is still within reach. Pacifica’s Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter is Made in the USA, and utilizes crushed pearls, sea minerals, fresh, natural coconut and creamy vanilla. You’ll have pretty, tan looking bare arms and legs you won’t be afraid to show off near the surf!












Of course, bronzer alone doth not halt the rays of the sun. You need sunblock – but relax, it’s chemical free when you turn to Pure Beauty by Terra Firma Cosmetics. Their SPF 30 Mineral Shield natural sunblock does a great job of keeping your skin safe while allowing you to still look glamorous.












No-one likes sand lurking in their creases after a day alternating between the water and the beach. Scrub yourself squeaky clean with a nice refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade – wait, make that a dollop of 100% Pure’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Juicy Shower Gel! The all natural formula revitalizes your skin and leaves you thirsting for more.












Finally, no tribute to summer Americana is complete without a reference to tiki torches and bamboo skirts! At the end of the day after the roast pig is dug out from under the red hot stones in the sand pit, it’s time for a little TLC. Nohona’s pure organic coconut oil is the perfect makeup remover – you can even use it on your delicate eye area without fear, and the most stubborn sultry eye shadow comes off like a charm. This brings us full circle — Nohona means Way of Life!

This summer, reinvent yourself as a sexy pinup girl, with flawless skin and no silly body image issues. You’re beautiful, so make the most of it!




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