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Be A Cream Queen

Be A Cream Queen
January 24, 2012 mb0606

Do you  want to be a cream queen but the thought of figuring out how to use cream blush or eyeshadow is daunting? If so, think again. It’s much easier than you imagine and the pay off is totally worth it. It gives you a dewey, hydrated, outdoorsy look you can’t get with powder. I love working with creams and prefer cream color for most looks. I can do an entire face in creams. But often I like to layer powder color over cream color to give it staying power and depth.  I tend to feel more artistic and inspired when I work with creams. With these pro tips for cream color maybe you will too.

1) Layer creams over creams or liquids only. If you use a powder foundation stick to powder blush as well. On the other hand, if you use a liquid, cream or mousse foundation or tinted moisturizer; color will layer beautifully over that.

2) Use your fingertips: For blush, use your first two fingers to dab it on the apples of your cheeks and blend upward along cheekbones. Gently tap in a staccato rhythm then blend. For eyeshadow, use your lightest touch finger (your ring finger) to tap on top of your eyelids. Keep it organic by not being too precise and letting the edges be a little messy and smudgy. Don’t over blend. If the eye shadow creases simply pat it away. The best part about creams is that you can move them back into place easily.

3) If you need a finishing powder use it after you have applied your cream color and only in the t-zone and as needed.

4) To amplify color and create depth layer a tonal color over the cream color. But remember, once you do this you can’t add more cream later. But you won’t need to since this give it staying power as well.

Once you start using creams you’ll find here are so many more options to create beauty looks. It opens a whole new world of ideas and gives you more creative control. Get your Picasso on!


Jane Iredale Eye Gloss












Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm












100% Pure Pot Rouge Blush












 Vapour Organics Beauty Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Treatment












Christopher Drummond Cream To Powder Eyeliner












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