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Be an Eco-Chic Hair Diva

Be an Eco-Chic Hair Diva
February 10, 2011 mb0606

Is your hair damaged by severe abuse due to heavy styling? Or maybe you’re a runway model  whose hair has been teased, crimped, curled and straightened to the breaking point. There’s hope – Rare El’ements El’ Treatment can restore your sexy mane in time for Valentine’s Day!

Rare El’ements bills themselves as the company focused on the eco-generation – and that’s pretty much what we are! We’ve started to question, to pay attention and to actively seek out ways to reduce toxins in our daily lives, and we care about how long our planet is going to last. We educate ourselves about sustainable resources, alternative farming and obsessively check ingredients on every purchase. We are indeed the eco-generation!

Now, with the El’ Treatment we can all have younger, healthier, shinier hair, thanks to the deep conditioning cocktail made up of thirteen rejuvenating plant oils. Camelina, Boabab and Marula combine with Avocado, Shea Butter and Macadamia to treat both troubled scalp and hair. These and other all natural ingredients counteract the noticeable effects of everyday styling! Instead of harsh chemicals, parabens, silicones, sulfates or synthetic fragrances, the rare ingredients replenish valuable nutrients and moisture to undernourished and overworked hair.

Each time you use the treatment, the benefits grow! You can even leave it in all night for extra intense hydration. It’s appropriate for all hair types, and the natural scent of the plant based ingredients rejuvenates and excites the senses. Whether you are a long member in good standing of the ‘less toxins’ club, or a brand new addition to the ‘eco-generation’, you’ll appreciate the way this premium hair treatment coddles and soothes your hair with ingredients you can trust. Give it a try, and see the appreciation on his face when he runs his hands through your perfect, shining mane!

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