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  • My Must haves

    Surely, I have spring fever, because all of a sudden I am mad about glitter. I've been stepping out of…

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  • natural lipstick, red, burgundy and crimson, green beauty

    Lips of Love

    Tones of Crimson and burgundy are the quintessential lip color of passion. Red lipsticks are associated with seduction. They're a…

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  • The Art of Eco Seduction

    Celebrate the art of eco seduction this Valentine's Day. Create romance with sustainable linen, lingerie and personal products. He won't…

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  • Sweet Gifts For Valentine's Day

    Follow you heart this Valentine’s Day with sweet, sustainable tokens of your affection. You can’t go wrong with these simple…

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  • In Hot Water!

    Sometimes it's good to get in hot water. Especially if it's a hot mud bath. Relaxation is the draw but…

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  • Cosmetic Chemistry 101: Triclosan

    What: Triclosan and triclocarban (triclosan's chemical cousin) - an antibacterial chemical found in many consumer products. In plastics and fabrics…

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  • Be A Cream Queen

    Do you want to be a cream queen but the thought of figuring out how to use cream blush or…

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  • Maskarade Ball!

    Facial masks can be loads of fun to apply and they provide a pretty good excuse not to go on…

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  • My Must-haves

    I've been thinking minimalism with my cosmetics lately. Really paring it down what I need to the basics and must…

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  • Green The Look: Jillian Michaels January 2012 Self Cover

    We shot this cover at a beautiful home in the Malibu hills. The owner of the home also owned a…

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