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DermaSeptic – Nature's Cure-All for Skin?

DermaSeptic – Nature's Cure-All for Skin?
March 24, 2011 mb0606

It’s the day before the big date and you have a cold sore –  or the morning of picture day and a huge zit formed front and center. Pharmaceutical companies make a killing off of products designed to treat conditions like these – but some of the ingredients used are not really what you want to be putting on your sensitive skin. In addition, many of those products only work once the sore has already erupted, making your face look like the proverbial pizza.

That’s where DermaSeptic comes in. Instead of antibiotic ingredients in a base of goodness knows what, DermaSeptic is  all natural and can even be used when the blister or sore is far under the surface, unlike other topicals that only soothe pain after the skin breaks.

Since cold sores, warts, and herpes outbreaks are caused by viruses beneath the skin, the traditional topical creams and salves can’t penetrate to reach viruses where they live. DermaSeptic reaches through the skin to stop the problem at the source, as a new, patented microprocessor device that delivers anti-viral silver directly through the skin. Simply use the battery operated unit 5 minutes every 3 hours until the inflammation ceases. Once the inflammation has subsided, the frequency of treatment can be reduced.

The makers of the treatment device note that cold sores tend to occur on relatively soft tissue, and that a temporary, non harmful, brownish discoloration of the treated tissue may occur but will disappear naturally in a couple of days. According to the DermaSeptic website, “Users of the DermaSeptic have reported excellent results on other viral or bacterial skin conditions ranging from fungus to rashes. When treating a condition not outlined in these instructions, simply treat a small area at regular intervals for a short period of time and monitor progress. If the area that you are treating shows improvement with respect to the untreated area, apply the standard procedure to the remainder of the affected area.”

Not everyone will respond exactly the same to any treatment, but the benefits of silver have been widely studied. Silver is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial that inhibits viral and bacterial infection on contact and has no side effects, so it’s a safe thing to give a try before resorting to more toxic methods of defeating skin problems!

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