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Just Say… Yes, Baby!

Just Say… Yes, Baby!
October 3, 2010 mb0606

For all the would be moms out there – conception can be difficult when you’re trying to squeeze in sex between work and laundry and you can’t stop worrying about a million different things long enough to relax! It’s a well known fact that stress affects not only fertility, but – how to put this – your personal level of comfort.

Unfortunately, many of the ‘personal lubricants’ on the market aren’t exactly sperm friendly. If you’re already battling a crowded schedule just to find time for a baby making session, you don’t need any more hurdles in your way.

Good news – Yes Baby Fertility Friendly Lubricant is a 100% pure, completely organic system that can help make things easier on both of you while maintaining a holistic approach to the entire process.

From handy ovulation sticks to clue you in on when to ‘get frisky’ to two different lubricants (one that’s sperm friendly and another for a few days after your fertile period to adjust your ‘down there’ PH), Yes Baby lives up to its name.

Of course, you have to hold up your end of the bargain! Give yourself a stress free environment so you can enjoy what can definitely be a life changing moment in both of your lives. Call in sick to work, turn off the phones, put on the ‘baby making music’ and light a couple of candles. The best things always come when you aren’t trying too hard, so relax and just let it happen.

Conception should be a special event. Say NO to stress and Yes, Baby – and let the good times roll!

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