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Magical Hydration – It's Alchemy!

Magical Hydration – It's Alchemy!
February 22, 2011 mb0606

Want sexy sophisticated skin? Of course you do – but finding a really effective facial mask that is also eco-friendly is difficult. Enter Golden Path Alchemy‘s Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask. It’s gentle on your skin, creating a smooth, soft appearance that can make you look and feel a decade younger.

Golden Path Alchemy was funded in 2007 by Ashley Beckman & Minka Robinson Stevens, who were appalled at the many toxic ingredients in their bath and cosmetic products. Ingredients used by Golden Path Alchemy are rigorously tested and approved. They include therapeutic grade essential oils, a variety of medicinals and herbs, Andean orchid & Peruvian flower essences, gem elixirs, pure plant oils and extracts – all harvested with care and handled so as not to lose any of their properties.

The Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask is designed to gently remove dead skin cells while instilling pure botanicals into the skin. It’s all natural ingredients are safe and nourishing – the philosophy is whole foods can transmit nutrients to the skin, while oils and elixirs infuse your cells with a rejuvenating glow. Instead of adding toxins, they flush them gently away!

  • Coconut and kiwi are full of antioxidants and nutrients. Thanks to coconut milk’s small molecular properties, they soak bright into your skin!
  • Acerola Cherry fruit is also a strong antioxidant and a prime source of Vitamin C, to enrich your skin and fight the effects of aging.
  • Lime and witch hazel are light astringents that tighten your skin and clean your pores.
  • Organic cane sugar and pure sea salt add just enough fine grit for exfoliation

Simply apply the face mask a few minutes before getting into the shower, then scrub and rinse away for a clean, refreshing glow. I love this scrub because of it’s unique scent.  The delicate grittiness lets me feel like I’m getting a good scrub without turning my face raw – and the soothing oils moisturize deep and leave my skin soft and supple. It’s like magic!

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