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Bring Out The Natural Beauty in Your Hair

Bring Out The Natural Beauty in Your Hair
January 13, 2011 mb0606

Commercial shampoos and conditioners have so many ingredients. The label can read a mile long, and 90% of it is sheer gibberish unless you majored in chemistry! (Of course, if you did major in chemistry, you already know that most of those ingredients aren’t really anything you want to be putting on your scalp, hair or skin anyway!)

Replacing your current shampoo with a cleaner substitute is one of the biggest instant changes you can make in your beauty routine to go greener and safer. Rene Furterer has several options that make hair care a snap without any of the safety concerns. Some of the biggest worries in hair care products is the subtle inclusion of petrochemicals, pthalates, and parabens (the three dirty ‘Ps’) that make daily use a hazard instead of part of a healthy lifestyle. Trading out your current shampoo for one that recognizes the need for wholesome ingredients and natural solutions should be at the top of your ‘go-green’ to-do list!

  • Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo cleanses gently but thoroughly and stimulates scalp circulation with essential oil biospheres. It’s perfect for fine, weak hair, as it can be used daily to create stronger, thicker, healthier hair. Contains absolutely no petrochemicals, pthalates or triclosan, silicones, sodium chloride or parabens.
  • Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo instantly cleans hair without water, absorbing excess oil, impurities and environmental odors to refresh and restore volume between regular shampoos. Keep it in your gym bag,carry on, or in the office drawer to refresh your hairstyle anytime, anywhere. Caraway, Basil, Mint and Blackcurrant help to naturally clean and balance your scalp while adding a natural, fresh fragrance.

Both of these products are available right here at Paige – giving you no excuse not to kick-start a change today. Check out the other products by Rene Furterer as well and green your entire hair care routine!

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