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Terra Firma Mascara – 'Stacked' in Your Favor!

Terra Firma Mascara – 'Stacked' in Your Favor!
April 22, 2010 mb0606

"Stacked" Natural MascaraI just ran across a great new eco mascara from Terra Firma Cosmetics!  Finding quality natural mascara that actually stays on without flaking has been a challenge.  Terra Firma has this to say about “Stacked,” their new, chemical free mascara: “This isn’t your mama’s natural mascara!” This improved product promises to be a toxic-free mascara that is sure to wake up your inner green goddess.

After all, how can an eco-chick look sexy if her lashes aren’t thick and luxurious naturally?  That’s the reason why many women continue to use chemical based, toxic mascara products. Terra Firma claims that your friends won’t be able to tell the difference between your old false eyelashes and your real ones after using Stacked Natural Mascara!

They also promise that Stacked mascara is totally reliable (never flaky), contains lash fertilizer (fortified with proteins and vitamins), stays put (no smudging), and is super buff (with body building volume for long, thick lashes.)  Terra Firma’s Stacked Natural Mascara contains a revolutionary formula that grips on to your lashes.

Here’s how it works:   Sweep the brush from base to tip in order to build lash extensions beyond your natural lash.  As the extensions get longer with each sweeping motion of your brush, you can decide when to stop anytime the length and volume is correct for you. That’s it! You’re sexy, civilized, and ready for a night on the town!

Stacked Natural Mascara, by Terra Firma Cosmetics, comes in three shades called “Bewitching” (black), “5th Avenue” (black/brown), and “Sapphire” (dark blue).

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