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The Big Brush Off – Make Your Blush a Little Greener!

The Big Brush Off – Make Your Blush a Little Greener!
March 27, 2011 mb0606

There’s a lot of beauty products we use on a daily basis that are known as consumables. Cotton balls, nail files, makeup pads, cuticle pushers and brushes all wear out at some point, whether it’s after one use or twenty. Wouldn’t it be great if you could toss these items on a compost pile instead of in the trash to clutter a landfill?

Now, at least where makeup brushes are concerned, that’s a very real option! The World’s First Compostable Makeup Brush Handle is now available from Nvey Eco. Now, these brushes don’t compromise quality – as any professional or DIY make-up artist realizes, the quality of your set of brushes makes all the difference to the final result. Fortunately, these Nvey Eco eco-friendly makeup brushes meet the exacting standards for any user.

Each brush has a completely safe handle that won’t leave traces of toxins. The cruelty free brushes are made of fine and soft synthetic fibers instead of animal hairs. They provide even application and allow for a wide variety of techniques using the range of professionally shaped and contoured brushes in the line.

The brush handle design was designed and developed by an Australian led technical, production and creative team composed of many of Nvey Eco’s top artists and educators, and the product has been tested internationally by both professional makeup artists and consumers to create a professional brush range that meets both the professional and consumers’ needs. The brush heads’ soft fibers were carefully developed according to consumer input, and then refined over months of testing.

The new corn resin based handle is a sturdy material and when the brush head wears down, the entire product can be safely composted. The brush set includes all of the following (which can also be purchased separately):

I love the idea of my cosmetic tools going on to return to the earth and become part of the cycle of nature!

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