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You’ll Never Guess The Secret Enzyme In Restorsea

You’ll Never Guess The Secret Enzyme In Restorsea
March 31, 2013 mb0606
You'll Never Guess The Secret Enzyme In Restorsea

Norway, the eco-chic country is where Restorsea, a line of natural skin care products, was born. The brand sponsored a press trip for beauty bloggers to give them a first-hand look at the origins for their naturally derived ingredients. So when I was invited to go on the trip I swapped my  Jimmy Choo’s for Uggs and packed my bags.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I understood why Patti Pao, Restorsea founder, was intrigued by this beautiful country.  Pao toured a fish hatchery and noticed the workers had hands that were dramatically more youthful than their faces. That’s how Restorea was born. It’s here that the mysterious fish eggs enzyme is harvested without harming the eggs at all. The enzyme to create, the patented formula Vibransea™ is collected at Sævareid Fiskeanlegg a hatchery near a pristine fjord.

Vibransea™ complex

The Salmon eggs hatch in fresh water sourced from a secluded lake famed for the quality of its water It is extracted from the water after the natural hatching process is completed, without harming the fish in any way. The enzyme is obtained from a sustainable source and is 100% biodegradable. The production process is eco-friendly: low energy consumption and no environmental impact. Live salmon eggs.

Salmon eggs are tough and can withstand harsh elements such as rapids and extremely cold water temperatures. When the salmon are ready to hatch they release an enzyme that helps the larva get out of its egg shell by digesting this tough, fibrous protein structure but without harming the delicate baby fish. Like the enzymes naturally secreted by human skin, the fish enzyme degrades the dead skin cells and they are gently detached while the living skin cells beneath remain untouched. It’s what made the workers hands looked so youthful.

It’s this  enzyme that is formulated into Restørsea’s powerful proprietary patent-pending Vibransea™ complex, an exclusive patented natural enzyme that hydrates and strengthens the skin, the Vibransea™ complex is enhanced by Vitamin C (to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots) and Brown Algae (to increase moisturization and elasticity and reduce inflammation).

I learned Restorsea is the only product of its kind to be able to exfoliate the skin better and more safely than using Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxyacids–until now the gold standard but they’re highly caustic. For your loans check out guaranteed loans for bad credit. Restorsea isnaturally derived and free from chemical peptides and harmful ingredients, such as PEGs, parabens, phthalates, silicone and mineral oil. Pretty impressive.

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