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Your Skin is Thirsty. Quench It!

Your Skin is Thirsty. Quench It!
February 6, 2011 mb0606

We all know how irritating it is to be dressing for that perfect date and realize our elbows are rough and scratchy and our hands don’t look much better. It’s annoying to be rolling in the sheets and feel the rasp of the silk on your skin instead of a sensuous slide. Using moisturing lotions, butters and body creams help – but what if you could hydrate your skin even as you wash it?

Because Hydrating Body Cleanser helps add moisture to your thirsty skin even as you scrub away the grime of the day. The pure water based body wash contains coconut oil, aloe leaf extract and shea butter. These ingredients are blended with three specially selected oils that lock moisture into your skin even as you bathe, leaving behind a decadent rose petal aroma that is 100% natural.

  • Meadowfoam Oil  is an incredibly emollient oil with a high Vitamin E content that penetrates quickly, restoring suppleness to hard, dry skin.
  • Evening Primrose Oil boosts hydration, bringing back elasticity and firmness to skin by way of rich linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids.
  • Damask Rose Oil has exceptional skin softening, soothing and hydrating properties for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

It’s easy to replace your current body wash with the more acceptable Because Hydrating Body Cleanser. The pump top on the bottle means you can easily pump cleanser into wet sponge and work into a creamy lather to massage over your entire body and rinse clean. You don’t have to worry as it soaks into your skin, because there’s no parabens, fragrance, petroleum based products or sulfates in the ingredients. In fact, most of the ingredients are 100% natural, organic, or even wild harvested!

So hydrate your skin – just because. As the company motto goes – life can be irritating. Skin care shouldn’t be. And the scent of roses on your skin is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s!

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